i don’t like nestea anymore (mill st. lemon tea beer)

californication seems like a slutty show

now then. my roommate is watching some shit show on netflix and a baldman on the tv just said a blog is a continuous narrative. they’re really annoying, the characters, because they use words like ‘contrived’.

but they just made up for it by using ‘motherfucker’ ten times. who wrote this show? i just asked and my roommate said this show is called californication. now you know not watch it (unless you like sluts).

some promotional material for californication. i object.

iced tea in beer guise

i’ve been drinking this beer called mill st. lemon tea beer. it’s a part of the new* movement of beers that are heavily wheat based rather than barley based (screw barley, right? everyone’s been on that recipe for centuries).

*new just at the lcbo. i did some research and wheat beers are ancient stuff in europe. here’s some history featuring a picture of a smiling man.

secret recipe

so they take wheat and they malt it and then they add some malted barley to the mix (to not scare people with alienating beer. some familiarity is nice). they then add in some lemon puree and cane sugar (to neutralize the acid from the lemons) and some earl grey tea (for the tea flavour, ya dingo).


they claim it makes for great beer and today i was at the lcbo and thought heck why not give it a go. i got home and i poured it out into my pint glass i stole from the piston (if you haven’t been to the piston, you have to go. they have wellingtons country dark ale on tap. it’s one of the neatest dark ales around in ontario right now i say). the smell was straight wheat beer with hints of lemon and YEAST. upon gulping and swirling, there is a lot of yeast. if you dislike yeast, avoid this. but please, for the sake of good beer, learn to like yeast. you like sourdough bread, right? same idea.

you’ll notice it’s cloudy in colour (because it’s not filtered, which is a good thing in the organic-natural-everything business model) and fizzy carbonated. a gulp is not too hoppy and kind of really sweet. the lemon builds on your tongue over the course of a pint. anyways. it’s a great beer. go get some. for $2.65 a can it’s a deal.

here’s a picture of a man, wearing a t-shirt, smiling, posing next to the beer i’ve talked about. do you like any wheat beers? see you soon.