Give thanks for beer

this is what one instance of a family looked like

please note margot, second from left. (i know i know paltrow is a lemon now but jeez this was ten years ago. a boy can crush)

most dads are not tenenbaums. here’s one such dad.

now, how will you spend a whole fucking weekend with this guy? beer.

baste your turkey in beer, add some porter to your potatoes (they’ll taste better, i swear), make gravy with an ale and screw pie make beer battered apple slices (or fruit of choice).

and keep it away from him lest he stab your sister again.

happy days.



2 thoughts on “Give thanks for beer

  1. I thought I was the only one who went online to look at Shakespeare In Loves’ err…’adult’ clips.
    For their erm…aesthetic value.

    This one made me laugh so much, I was kicked out of the library. I hope you’re happy. (Please note the use of overstatement here)

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